Changing account password in Windows Server 2012

Changing a password

This manual covers the procedure for disabling the changing a password in Windows Server 2012.

To change the password to your Administrator account,
click "Start" and on the Control Panel icon as in the screenshot below.

Changing account password Server 2012 -- Start Menu.png

In the Control Panel window, select "User Accounts," then click "User Accounts" again and, in the new window that pops up, "Manage Another Account"

Changing account password Server 2012 --User Accounts.png

Changing account password Server 2012 -- Give user access_0.png

Changing account password Server 2012 -- manage user accounts.png

Select one of accounts


Then Change Password


 Then in the "Change Password" window

  • 1. Enter the current password
  • 2. Enter a new password (at least 8 characters and in Latin letters) and re-enter the new password in the "Password Confirmation" line
  • 3. Save the changes by pressing the "Change Password" button
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Now you have changed the password to the current account; now let's proceed to the "Password age" function

Password age

On the server, the "Password age" function is set to 42 days by default which means that every 42 days your system will require a password change.
Where to change or disable this feature is discussed below.

Click "Start", then click Administrative Tools.


 Open the "Local Security Policy" window


 In the "Local Security Policy" window on the left side, click the "User Account Policy" and then click the "Password Policy"

Then, on the right side, open the entry "Maximum password age is 42 days."


 In the window that opens, set the value "Password age" to 0 or the value you need.
"0" tells the system that the "Password age" function is disabled.
In such mode, the password age is infinite.



And click on "Apply", that's it.