How to view load on a Linux network

Installing Nload

The overall speed of the network interface can be viewed using the command nload. If it is not available, it may be installed: Debian\Ubuntu:

apt install nload


yum install nload

Statistics by interfaces can be viewed in interactive mode using the command:

nload -ni <interface_name>


$ nload eth0
Device eth0 [] (1/1):

         Curr: 41.62 kBit/s
         Avg: 30.82 kBit/s
         Min: 9.41 kBit/s
         Max: 45.52 kBit/s
         Ttl: 12.75 MByte

         Curr: 9.67 kBit/s
         Avg: 9.68 kBit/s
         Min: 5.62 kBit/s
         Max: 10.64 kBit/s
         Ttl: 573.81 kByte

Important columns:

  • Incoming Avg¬†- average incoming speed in kilobits per second
  • Outgoing Avg¬†- average outgoing speed in kilobits per second