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NeoServer features

Change performance at any time
Change server characteristics at any time, for any period. Use only those resources that you need right here and now. Daily payment for changed resources.
Servers located on two continents
Our servers are located on two continents, North America and Eastern Europe. You are free to choose any of them as it will not affect the price.
State-of-the-art reliable equipment
For our servers, we use only the latest and most reliable equipment manufactured by the industry's leading brands: HP Proliant, Dell EqualLogic, Intel Xeon, Nvidia, and Cisco.
High level of data security
We provide the highest level of security. Storage system based on the most reliable RAID 10 arrays. Backup cooling and power supply systems.

Available templates and applications

Ubuntu14.04 / 16.04 / 18.04
Debian8.0 / 9.3
CentOS6.6 / 7.0
cPanelCentOS 7.0
Apache VestaCP
Nginx VestaCP
ISO imageany OS

Inexpensive virtual server Linux is one of the most popular options for servers. Such VPS features high security and invulnerability to external impacts while being undemanding to resources. The freely distributable platform is free of charge which makes a Linux VPS the cheapest virtual server.

Linux virtual server is an excellent choice for

Sites, e-mail, corporate portals
Sites, e-mail,
corporate portals
Back-and and server part of applications
Back-and and server
part of applications
Location of the online store
Location of the
online store
Most inexpensive for virtual server
Most inexpensive for
virtual server
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Linux virtual server

While Windows remains atop the list of operating systems designed for PC, Linux gains the lead for virtual servers (considering all numerous operating systems based on it). We offer ready-to-use VPS Linux featuring preinstalled Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS which are likely to be the most demanded of them.

Linux can boast of its security because in addition to being well protected from external interferences and featuring an environment where nothing happens without the permission of its user there is a very small number of viruses written specifically for it.

Linux based hosting providers are extremely popular as sites hosted on VPS Linux are outstanding for their fast and stable performance and are the ideal choice not only for static but also dynamic sites supporting most state-of-the-art CMSs. You are free to choose LAMP, LEMP or ISPmanager from among our ready-to-use templates. A Linux based server for online store is the ideal solution for an owner of any Internet business. It is also convenient to rent such server if you are working on a test version of a project.

Ubuntu VPS

An Ubuntu virtual server is based on Debian GNU and is often used to run virtual servers. This operating system is actively developing and is widely supported by the freeware community. Ubuntu VDS features 50,000+ extensions that can be installed without any time expenditures or financial costs. This distribution kit hold top positions among operating systems designed for virtual machines by popularity.

Debian VPS

Debian consists of open source software and is often used to run VDS. It is notable for fast speed and has become the basis for a number of distribution kits. As of today, Debian virtual server features the largest number of ready-to-use programs and libraries and unprecedented support from users and developers.


Virtual server SentOS is compiled based on the commercial integration of Red Hat Enterprise and is perfect for serious network projects. These include online games, social networks, information web portals, etc. With the help of this solution, you will optimize implementation costs and will be able to effectively solve the tasks of your IT business

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