NeoServer cloud platform features

Server Creation with custom configuration

You can create cloud server in couple minutes via personal account. Server could have any number of CPU, RAM and disk volume. Thus vps will be have resources amount exactly as you needed.

Different server templates

You can choose server templates with OS only or with preinstalled applications: LAMP, LEMP, Metatrader 4 and 5 and etc. It will save your time on server configuration for your needs.

Server configuration changes

You can change any parameter of your server (number of CPU, RAM and disk volume) at any time. For example, increase RAM volume and decrease CPU number at the same time. Easy scalability process ensure that server will fit current needs. Please pay attention, disk space couldn’t be decreased due to the technical issues. After disk extension in personal account you should made new space available to OS.

OS installation from your own ISO image

You can create virtual server with special OS from your own ISO image. ISO image can be used as recovery disk for system repair also. You can download up to 3 ISO images in personal account. They will be stored for 30 day. Server creation from OS Windows Images isn’t supported.

Different type of equipments

We provide cloud servers based on 3 type of storage systems:
SAS - professional HP SAS 15k disk are used. Storage systems is configured in RAID10 with “hot standby” disks for data safety and higher write / read speed rate. This storage type has perfect balance between fault-tolerance, write/read speed and price.
SSD - professional HP disk on SSD technology. This increase server operation speed in several times. Storage system is configured in RAID 6 with “hot standby” disks. This type of storage is perfect for high-load applications, when max performance required.
SATA - professional disk with SATA interface. This is a reliable storage system with redundancy RAID 5 based on slow disks. It's the cheapest storage type wich perfectly suits for big data volumes when high performance no needed. SATA could be used for file or backup storage. This type of storage available only for additional server disk, not for main disks with OS.
You can migrate disks between SAS and SSD storage, but no more then 1 time per day.

Additional disk

Additional disks could be connected to virtual servers. Every server disk could locate on it’s own storage type. Size is changed for every disk separately. For example, this allows disk with OS keep on SAS and at the same time disk with data-base on SSD. File and backup storage can be allocated on SATA. This way, you can reduce costs while maximizing the performance of important applications.

Internet channel

Virtual servers have access to shared (one for all) internet channel 100 Mbps by default. Traffic volume is unlimited. If you are dissatisfied with the ping stability or the transfer rate speed, we recommend you to connect to "dedicated Internet channel " in the personal account. Your VPS will be connected to the channel with guaranteed data transfer rate. Dedicated internet channel could have 10, 50 or 100 Mbps bandwidth.

Additional IP

Every virtual server has 1 dedicated static IPv4 address by default. You can connect several additional IPv4 to server via personal account by your self.

Virtual private local network

Private local network don’t have connection to Internet and isolate server from other users. Server connection to private network allows you to transmit data like in your office local network.
After connection server to private network second interface will be enabled. You should make network settings manually on it. Channel bandwidth of private network is 100 Mbps, traffic is unlimited.


Web-console allows you to connect to the server via personal account. It will work even when wrong network settings was applied on server.

SSH keys

SSH keys could be installed on server automatic during the creation. It will save your time and help to protect server. We are highly recommend to use SSH keys on cloud servers instead of password for users with root privileges.


Server backup allows you to recover all disk data and server settings at the moment of backup creation. This service could be activated for each server separately via personal account on server page. Copies will be made each day at configured time (±15 minutes) automatically. Number of copies (storage time) also adjustable.
While VDS recover from the backup copy, its configuration (core number, memory, disc) at the moment of copying is also being reset.


You can create server snapshoot via personal account at any time. Snapshot is a fastest way to create copy of server data and memory content. Unlike backup snapshoot is done faster, contains memory data and made on demand. It’s recommended for use before critical server or soft changes. If something goes wrong you can quickly recover server to snapshoot state.
Please pay attention that snapshoot couldn’t be used for long time copy storage. When snapshoot is made server configuration can’t be changed.

Server cloning

Cloning allows you to made server duplicate fast. There is no need to reinstall soft or transfer settings. Just press one button in personal account. Please pay attention, that new server will have new IP but login and passwords would be the same as on the source server.

DNS hosting

You can configure DNS setting for your domain names on our NS servers. While you are using our virtual server DNS hosting will be free of charge for you.

PTR record (reverse DNS)

PTR record connect host IP with it canonical name (domain). To prevent spam amount most email server check presence of PTR record on the host that send email. In this case PTR record for IP must be the same as email sander domain. In PTR record you must specify your email domain. For example “”.