24-12-2018 15:02

Autopay by credit card available to connect.

In the personal account, you can configure autopay conditions: select balance threshold and payment sum.

06-08-2018 17:45

A new service is available on our site - DNS hosting.

It’s free of charge for all NeoServer clients.

13-04-2018 11:43

We offer our customers a new service for mounting additional disks for virtual servers.

Connect additional disks, as well as change their characteristics, you can in your personal account.

15-11-2017 11:39

On our servers it is possible to install your own operating system from an ISO image. You can upload multiple ISO, they won’t occupy space on VPS disk.

04-10-2017 11:33

New opportunities for our customers. Combine VPS into your own network and create a private cloud!

Private network has no output into the Internet. Data transfer speed - 100 Mb/s, the amount of traffic is not limited.