Reliable infrastructure of VPS

    To ensure the smooth operation of your servers and
applications, we have created redundant virtualization

    In addition, our platform allows easy VPS scale. Thus
you can change server configuration at any time.

Why NeoServer?

— Our clusters connect several dedicated servers. The failure of any of them does not affect total
performance of cluster and vps operation.

— Storage systems with RAID provide data store on several disks at the same time. Therefore, even
if the disk fails, your data will not be lost. Raid 10 also increases the data reading / writing speed.

— Fault-tolerant data center infrastructure: 2 independent electrical inputs from 2 substations; uninterruptible power supply APC; redundant cooling system; redundant network.

— Multiple uplinks (3 independent providers).

— Support 24/7

High-quality hardware
HP Proliant Servers
Dell EqualLogic