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Own configuration - You may set all parameters of a virtual server yourself
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All configurations include:

Unlimited bandwidth 100 Mbps
Unlimited bandwidth
100 Mbps
Administrator rights (full root access)
Administrator rights
(full root access)
Dedicated IP address
Dedicated IP
Reliable KVM virtualisation
KVM virtualisation

Available templates and applications

Windows Server2012 / 2016 / 2019
Ubuntu14.04 / 16.04 / 18.04
Debian8.0 / 9.3
CentOS6.6 / 7.0
cPanelCentOS 7.0
Apache VestaCP
Nginx VestaCP
ISO imageany OS

NeoServer features

Change performance at any time
Change server characteristics at any time, for any period. Use only those resources that you need right here and now. Daily payment for changed resources.
Servers located on two continents
Our servers are located on two continents, North America and Eastern Europe. You are free to choose any of them as it will not affect the price.
State-of-the-art reliable equipment
For our servers, we use only the latest and most reliable equipment manufactured by the industry's leading brands: HP Proliant, Dell EqualLogic, Intel Xeon, Nvidia, and Cisco.
High level of data security
We provide the highest level of security. Storage system based on the most reliable RAID 10 arrays. Backup cooling and power supply systems.
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What operating system to choose for VPS?

Linux is Open Source software so the price of VDS servers featuring an operating system based on it is lower. Where price is determining factor, choosing a cheap VPS based on Linux is a suitable option. Well suited for hosting sites, mail, corporate portals, testing applications, etc.

Windows Server is a paid solution and the price of a virtual server based on it is higher. However, this OS is the most familiar and understandable for most users while featuring the greatest compatibility with additional software. There is a huge amount of software that is compatible with Windows only. Such factors can become fundamental, when answering the question "which VPS to choose". Windows server is good for remote jobs and software programs that are supported by this operating system only.

What server parameters to choose?

It is not possible to immediately give a clear answer to this question as it would depend on your personal needs and each particular scenario. However, please keep in mind minimum resource requirements to performing certain tasks. For example, for the sake of reducing their floor price, some service providers may offer rates with highly understated parameters that would be unable to cope with elementary tasks. Please note that the operating system of the server will use part of the resources by itself. Therefore, normally, the minimum parameters of virtual server configurations based on Windows, which is more resource-intensive, are higher than those of Linux based servers.

In the event that there is no suitable virtual server among the configurations offered by us, you can use the calculator to set up customized configuration – you can adjust the number of processor cores and amount of RAM or hard disk, including its type: ordinary HDD or fast SSD.
If you choose a VDS at NeoServer, you don't need to worry whether such parameters will meet your needs as they can be changed at any time, in your personal account.

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