Creating a sub-interface in FreeBSD (adding a second IP to interface)

Configuring interface

To assign multiple network addresses to the same interface in FreeBSD_9.3/10.3, you must make the appropriate alias entries in the /etc/rc.conf configuration file. Before editing it is recommended to make a copy of this file:

root@freebsd-9:~# cp /etc/rc.conf /etc/rc.conf.backup

Next, let's view active interfaces:

root@freebsd-9:~# ifconfig -u

Our network interface is named em0 and so far it has one IP address assigned to it.

Alias for em0 looks like this:

ifconfig_em0_alias0="inet netmask"

Please note that the records of aliases must begin with alias0 and continue in a certain order (e.g. _alias1, _alias2, etc.).

The configuration process will stop at the first missing number. E.g. for adding additional IP address 83.166.X.138 with mask, the following entry must be added to the /etc/rc.conf file:

root@freebsd-9:~# vi /etc/rc.conf

Start interface

To apply the changes, you must restart FreeBSD network service and update the routing table. In order not to lose connection with the server via SSH, the following must be done:

root@freebsd-9:~# /etc/rc.d/netif restart && /etc/rc.d/routing restart

Let's display active interfaces once again:

root@freebsd-9:~# ifconfig -u

The output of the ifconfig command shows that interface em0 has two IP addresses. This completes the configuration of the additional IP address.