Disabling autoupdates in Windows Server 2012

Windows Update

This manual covers the procedure for disabling the autoupdate procedure in Windows Server 2012.

To do this, open the Server Manager through the taskbar:

windows server 2012 manager

In the "Server Manager" window, click on "Local server".
Then in the Properties panel, open - "Windows Update" and click on the "Install updates automatically" icon.

windows server 2012 server manager

In the new window "Settings".

windows server 2012 updates change settings

Then select from the list Important Updates - "Do not check for updates" and uncheck "Give me recommended updates the same way..."

windows server 2012 update set never check

Now you have disabled system updates, press „ОК“.

Next, in the Server Manager, we see that Windows Update center us set to "Do not check for updates".

windows server 2012  windows update set never check result