How to view user screen in the "Shadow Copy" mode in Windows Server 2012/2016?

Shadow utility

To view another user session, you must use the built-in Shadow utility. For example: There is a VDS server running Windows Server 2012/2016 and it has two registered users – Administrator and User.  Let's say the name of our account is administrator and we want to see the session screen of user

Run Command prompt: "Ctr + R" --> "cmd". To get the ID of the session, enter query user in the command prompt:

windows query user

So, knowing the session ID, connect to user in the Shadow Copy mode

Click "Start" ---→ "Run" --→ "mstsc /shadow:2" --→ "Ок":

mstsc open

You will see the following message:

rdp connecting

At this point, User will see a remote monitoring request box:

SHADOW mode confirmation request

We get access once User accepts the request.

Connection settings

To connect without the request, it is necessary to change the remote control settings of a specific user, i.e.  User in this example.

Click: "Start"  -→ "Administrative Tools" -→ "Computer Management" -→ "Local users and groups" -→ "Users".

Double-click on the user name and select the "Remote control" tab:

windows user remote control settings

In the "Require user's permission" parameter, uncheck the box and select the desired user session control level.

Press "Apply" --→ "Ок"