Viewing network load on Linux server

Installing Nload

The overall speed of the network interface can be viewed using the command nload. If it is not available, it may be installed:


apt install nload


yum install nload

Statistics by interfaces can be viewed in interactive mode using the command:

nload -ni <interface_name>


$ nload eth0
Device eth0 [] (1/1):

         Curr: 41.62 kBit/s
         Avg: 30.82 kBit/s
         Min: 9.41 kBit/s
         Max: 45.52 kBit/s
         Ttl: 12.75 MByte

         Curr: 9.67 kBit/s
         Avg: 9.68 kBit/s
         Min: 5.62 kBit/s
         Max: 10.64 kBit/s
         Ttl: 573.81 kByte

Important columns:

  • Incoming Avg - average incoming speed in kilobits per second
  • Outgoing Avg - average outgoing speed in kilobits per second