Why windows server 2008 freezing?

Insufficient resources?

The reason for "freezes" in Windows 2008 is often a lack of certain server resources. The most common problems are:

  • High CPU utilization
  • Lack of RAM
  • Network load
  • Disk load due to permanent read/write requests

In some cases, it is possible to identify the process that consumes a large amount of a certain resource. This manual describes the procedure for viewing memory, processor, network or disk load in Windows server 2008 RU. The manual also describes several examples of searching for problematic processes.

Resource monitor

To view the current status of the server, the following steps need to be made:

Open "Server Manager." This menu item can be found by clicking on the "Start" button and then right-clicking on the "Computer":

windows server 2008 computer menu

In the server manager, select "Server Manager" -> "Diagnostics" -> "Performance" -> "Open Resource Monitor":

windows server 2008 Open Resourse Monitor

At the right side of the page, you can see four graphs:

  • CPU utilization percentage
  • Disk load
  • Network load
  • RAM utilization

windows server 2008 Resourse Monitor

These can be used to evaluate the current state of and load on the server. Clicking on each graph reveals a tab in which you can track the load on the CPU, disk, network or memory for each individual process.


Finding the process with the largest memory consumption:

windows server 2008 resource monitor memory

After clicking on the "Memory" tab, processes can be sorted by "Working Set". In this particular case, firefox.exe process consumes the greatest amount of memory.

Finding a process that loads the CPU:

windows server 2008 resource monitor CPU

For more information about monitoring, please visit the official website of Microsoft: